Department Directory


Tom Winbush Director of Building & Housing Codes Department 731.425.8261
Gwendolyn Outlaw Administrator, Building & Housing Codes Department 731.425.8569
Paula Morrow Senior Clerk 731.425.8262
Carol Bates Senior Clerk 731.425.8262

Plans/Sign Review

James Maholmes Senior Plans Examiner 731.425.8224
Greg Rowland   C. B. O., Plans Examiner 731.425.8255

Building Department/ Housing Codes Officers

Gary Hardee, Coordinator of Housing Codes     731-425-8222

Cary Luther,Code Compliance Officer

Kenny Johns, Housing Codes Officer     731-425-8204
Ben Smith, Coordinator of Codes Officer     731-425-8265
Ben Smith, Commercial Building/Fire Inspector     731-425-8262

Plumbing, Gas, & Mechanical Inspector


Rodney Ezelle, Residential Bldg. Plumbing, Gas & Mec. Inspector     731-425-8544
Devilon Young, Commercial Electrical Inspector     731-425-8256
Kenny Price, Commercial Plumbing,Gas & Mechanical Inspector     731-425-8232

Caleb Keel, Electrical Inspector

Robin King, Housing Codes Officer     731-425-8327
Marty Franks, Code Compliance Officer     731-425-8531
Frederick Willis, Code Compliance Officer     731-425-8289
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