Beer Permits & Liquor Licenses

State and local laws regulate the sale of alcoholic beverages. The Revenue Department is responsible for the beer permit application process for the City Beer Board.

The components of the Beer Permit Application Packet are available below and in the Revenue Office, which handles the administrative process. The beer permit applicant must appear before the Beer Board for consideration of his or her request for a beer permit. Members of City Council sit on the Beer Board, which meets on the first Tuesday of each month.

Components of the Beer Application Packet

Read the City of Jackson's Beer Ordinance for more information.

The application process can be lengthy, so applicants should apply well before opening their business or purchasing an existing business. Applications for a beer permit must be received at least fifteen days before issuance of a permit due to the many requirements that must be carried out before the application is considered complete and ready for the Beer Board's consideration.

Beer permit privileges are not transferable, and a new owner cannot operate under a previous owner's license. Stocking beer (actually holding beer on property that you own or operate) without a beer permit is a violation of the beer permit law and could result in denial of a beer permit.

The State Alcoholic Beverage Commission authorizes liquor-by-the-drink licenses. Local businesses will pay the same fee for their local license as their state license. The city will notify the business owner/operator of the need for the city license and the applicable fee once the state has authorized a liquor license.

For information on either a beer permit or a liquor license, call the Revenue Office at 731.425.8211.

To review the state's policies, visit the Tennessee Alcoholic Beverage Commission's website.

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