Captain Tisdale

Captain Derick Tisdale

Captain Derick Tisdale is the southern precinct commander of the patrol division
for the Jackson Police Department. A native of Bolivar, TN Captain Tisdale
started with the police department in 1994 as a patrol officer. Tisdale has held
several positions at the police department; he has been a Community Oriented
Police Officer; an officer with S. W. A. T., and Jackson Police Department’s first
Public Information Officer.

Captain Tisdale has participated in several professional development
opportunities for specialized training in tactical weaponry and defense
technology. In 2016, Captain Tisdale graduated from the Southeast Leadership
Academy and is currently enrolled in a master’s program at Memphis
Theological Seminary.

Captain Derick Tisdale recently retired from the Tennessee Army National
Guard with 30 years of service with the rank of First Sergeant. Captain Tisdale is
a devoted husband, father, and grandfather who is tirelessly at work building
bridges for a better community.

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