Central Records

The mission of the Central Records Unit is to provide a variety of services to the public, officers, prosecutors, attorneys, insurance companies, city departments and other police agencies, primarily of which is the maintenance and dissemination of records in compliance with applicable laws that protect the privacy of citizens.

The Central Records Division handles these services as well as the processing of parking tickets and red light camera tickets through the front counter.

Central Records Division Hours

Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (excluding major holidays)

How to Obtain Police Records

The Central Records Division provides the public with copies of police reports in accordance with the Tennessee public records statutes and related laws and rules governing the dissemination of public records (City of Jackson Open Records Policy).

Police report requests can be made by filling out a Central Records Report Request, contacting Central Records at 731.425.8492, by mail at Jackson Police Department Attn: Central Records Division P.O. Box 2587 Jackson, Tennessee 38302-2587, or in person at 234 Institute Street Jackson, TN 38301.

Once a request has been made, certain records may be released immediately, while other requests may take several days to determine if they are releasable.

Central Records Fees

Police Reports

Most individual report requests are free to State of Tennessee residents.  Out-of-state residents should contact the Central Records Division for any applicable costs.

Arrest Reports

Free ($5 notary fee, if a customer chooses to utilize this service). Judicial dispositions of arrests may be obtained from Jackson City Court or Circuit Court Clerk.  The Jackson Police Department does not provide certified copies of dispositions.


$1 each, 4"x 6" color photo OR  $10 Digital Photo, read-only on CD.

Online Report Request

Incident Information


*Information will only be used for referencing the accident or offense in the City of Jackson and will remain confidential.

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