Fire Chief Darryl Samuels, Sr

Darryl W. Samuels Sr, was hired by the City of Jackson as a firefighter with the Jackson Fire Department 02/17/1975.  He was promoted to Assistant Driver 12/01/1978.  He transferred to Fire Communications 02/16/1979 as a Senior Communications Operator.  Promoted to Dispatcher 02/17/1983, Lieutenant Dispatcher 06/29/1988, Communications Supervisor 12/14/1988, Chief Dispatcher 01/25/1989-12/06/1994 

Mr. Samuels transferred to Central Dispatch (Police, Fire, E-9-1-1 PSAP) as Director 12/07/1994, retired 05/11/2002.  Retired as Consultant for the Fire Department and Central Dispatch 03/10/2008 to present.

Mr Samuels has held certifications with Association of Public Safety Communication Officials (APCO) Public Safety Telecommunicator (PST) and APCO PST Instructor.  He held memberships with APC, National Emergency Number Association (NENA), Tennessee Emergency Number Association (TENA) and past Board Chair of the Madison County Emergency Communications District.


Phone:  731.425.8350

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