Fire Prevention Bureau

Lamar Childress leads a staff of three highly knowledgeable Inspectors, each of whom take the job of Fire Prevention very seriously. Currently, Lamar handles Arson Investigation with the assistance of the Jackson Police department’s Criminal Investigation Division as needed. The functions of the Fire Prevention Bureau include:

  • Public Fire Education
  • Fire Code Enforcement
  • Arson Investigation Fire Cause Determination
  • Commercial Inspection Program
  • Monitor the Fire Incident Reporting System (TFIRS)

The cornerstone of any Fire Department is its Fire Prevention program. To prevent fires before they start is the primary goal of fire agencies. To accomplish this, the Prevention Bureau provides fire and life safety education to all age groups. Investigation of all fires, including fire cause, helps to pinpoint problem areas that need to be addressed. The Bureau works closely with local law enforcement and the State Fire Marshal’s Office to bring persons who intentionally set fires to justice. The Inspection and Code Enforcement Program in union with the city building department ensures that buildings (new and old) are compliant with applicable fire codes.

Prevention is the key to protecting all citizens from the horror of fire.

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