Household Garbage Pick-Up

City of Jackson Garbage and Trash Tips for Household Garbage Pick-Up

Residents of the City of Jackson are provided with twice-a-week back door pick-ups. (This service ONLY includes removal of waste generated from the home placed in an approved garbage receptacle – 50-gallon or smaller and in garbage bags). The weight limit for approved garbage receptacles is 70 pounds. Garbage cans must not be placed in or on porches, patios, decks, garages or carports. It must be either on the side or at the back of the house.

Map of Health & Sanitation Districts
Description of Health & Sanitation Districts

Trash, Yard Waste and Bulky Item Pick-Ups

Residents are entitled to curbside trash collection, which includes items that are too large for garbage containers, e.g. limbs and boxes. These items are picked up by special equipment that operates in all sections of the city every day.

Items placed at the curb for pick-up should be easily accessible from the street by personnel and/or machinery.

Items should NOT be placed under low power, phone or cable lines; in the street or drainage ditches; around fireplugs, utility poles or utility support cables; or in any area that would impede the vision of pedestrians or motorists.

All limbs should be less than 4 feet in length.

Leaves and grass clippings, loose paper products, packing materials and clothes should be bagged and should not exceed the 70-pound limit.

Used appliances will be collected from the curbside. Any appliance containing Freon must have documentation on the item from a certified service repairman that says the substance was removed.

Non-Collectible Items

Any waste generated by a contractor will not be collected (e.g. tree trimmers, general construction and carpet installation personnel). Contractors must haul the waste to the landfill. Residents should be educated about this policy in order to protect themselves from contractor scams.

Shingles, bricks, concrete blocks, dirt, asphalt, gravel, tires and other similar items will not be picked up.

No liquids or flammable or hazardous waste will be picked up. Household Hazardous Waste Collection Events are sponsored yearly for disposal of items of this nature.


The Health & Sanitation Department picks up loose leaves with leaf vacuums.

The leaves will be collected on a route that will ensure equal service to each street.

For all questions, complaints or service requests, contact 731.425.8545.

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