Professional Standards and Integrity Unit

Professional Standards and Integrity Unit or P.S.I.U.


  The P.S.I.U. has the responsibility of overseeing many facets of the Department’s personnel, policies, practices and training.  Under the command of Major Thom Corley, the Division is tasked with all matters related to legal issues, professional standards, training, uniform and equipment procurement and distribution, policy development, personnel issues, hiring process and Law Enforcement Technology.

The responsibilities of this Unit are as follows:

1. Internal Investigations

2. Applicant Testing and Background Checks

3. Accreditation

4. Training

5. Uniforms and Supply

6. Internship Program

7. Homeland Security


Internal Investigations:

 When there are instances of complaint and accusations of wrong doings by law enforcement personnel, it is the responsibility of P.S.I.U. Investigators and Major Corley to determine if the complaints and accusations against Law Enforcement Officers are founded or unfounded. These accusations are taken in the form of Citizens Complaints or as an Administrative Complaint ordered by the Chief of Police or a member of his Command Staff. It is the responsibility of the P.S.I.U.  to objectively investigate these complaints and prepare a detailed report with supporting evidence and statements in determining the facts of the complaint. 

Applicant Testing and Background Checks:

 It is the goal of the Jackson Police Department to hire the most qualified personnel possible.  This is done by written examination, physical ability testing, oral interview and a thorough background check.  These steps are not taken lightly and take time to complete. It is the responsibility of P.S.I.U. staff to make sure these steps are taken. Qualifications to become a member of the Jackson Police Department can be located at the City of Jackson website under Employment. 


 Accreditation is the process of having unilateral policies, procedures and practices throughout the state of Tennessee. In essence, this would have all law enforcement agencies who participate in the state, to have the same standards allowing a consistent implementation of procedures if mutual aid is ever needed.


 The Jackson Police Department is recognized across the state as having professional and highly trained officers and staff. We are fortunate to have many skilled experts and instructors in varying law enforcement disciplines and specialty areas among our ranks, and the Department continually offers specialized training to our officers and those from other local agencies. The Training personnel at JPD schedule and manage training seminars, department annual in-service for sworn personnel, training records, and new recruitment orientation, as well as perform oversight of POST compliance for the department and all personnel.

Uniforms and Supply:

 Primary duties of the Uniform Services include outfitting department personnel with assigned uniforms, uniform items and related equipment. Uniform services personnel are responsible for the equipment procurement process and work with City Purchasing personnel to comply with proper bidding and purchase practices.

Internship Program:

The Jackson Police Department Internship Program is designed to provide a positive learning environment in which interested college students can experience the various aspects and responsibilities of law enforcement.  Interns can also receive college credits upon completion of the program if such is part of their school’s internship program.

For more Information about the Internship Program contact Major Thom Corley at

Homeland Security

 The Jackson Police Department is actively engaged with Homeland Security contingents on the Local, State, and Federal Level. The Homeland Security Liaison of the Jackson Police Department is focused on the identification of potential threats and the response to threat information received from other entities within the Homeland Security Network.  The Homeland Security Liaison responsibility is to maintain a state of awareness for not only law enforcement personnel but also the citizens whom we vow to protect and serve.



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