Personnel Department

The City of Jackson employs approximately 850 full-time, part-time and temporary employees. The governing body of the City of Jackson consists of a full-time Mayor/Chief Executive Officer and a nine-member Council with district jurisdiction.

The day-to-day administrative duties are relegated to the following: Police Chief, Fire Chief, Central Dispatch Director, Information Systems Manager/Finance Director, Personnel Director, Risk Manager, Purchasing Manager, Director of Garage/Fuel Operations, Engineering Director, Planning Director, Building and Housing Codes Director, Health & Sanitation Director, Deputy Directors of the Street Department, Parks & Recreation Director, Cultural Arts Administrator, Neighborhood Services Director, Building Managers for the Fairgrounds and Civic Center, Director of Operations for the West Tennessee Healthcare Sportsplex and a City Recorder. In addition, the City has a full-time Judge, City Court Clerk and City Attorney.

The City of Jackson has a total annual budget of more than $56.1 million, including capital and enterprise expenditures.

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Department Information

Phone: 731.425.8267
Fax: 731.425.8673

Lynn B. Henning: 
Director of Personnel

127 East Main Street, Suite 303

Jackson, TN 38301