Recycling protects our environment by keeping hazardous wastes out of the regular trash, landfill and stormwater collection system. We have several ways to recycle in Jackson and Madison County.

Household Hazardous Waste Collection Day

9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturday,October 27, 2018

Behind the Farmers Market in downtown Jackson, 112 Union Ave.


This free event gives you the opportunity to get rid of harmful wastes around your home, recycle and protect the environment!




From the workbench

• Oil-based paint

• Paint thinner & stripper

• Adhesives

• Starter fluid

• Wallpaper remover


From the garage

• Gasoline

• Antifreeze & coolants

• Fuel & oil additives

• Contaminated used oil  

• Non-alkaline batteries

• Pool chemicals

• Aerosols

• Car wax & polishes

• Driveway sealant


From the yard

• Herbicides

• Pesticides, fungicides

• Fertilizers

• Other lawn & garden products

• Wood preservatives


From the house

• Household cleaners

• Drain & oven cleaners

• Stove polish

• Disinfectants

• Computers & parts    

• Medicines/drugs

• Fluorescent light bulbs

• Mercury thermostats & thermometers




• Alkaline batteries

• Latex paint

• Medical & infectious waste   

• Radium paint

• Smoke detectors

• Empty containers

• Ammunition and fireworks

• Business, hospital & school waste

• Televisions & appliances

• Automotive gas tanks



• Alkaline batteries no longer contain mercury and can be put in the regular trash.

• Small amounts of latex paint can be dried until solid and thrown in the regular garbage.

• Do not mix chemicals.

• Keep wastes in original containers.

• Hazardous waste is collected from conditionally exempt small quantity generators by appointment only. Call 615.643.3170.


Collection Day is sponsored by the City of Jackson’s Stormwater Management Department, Health and Sanitation Department, and Keep Jackson Beautiful; All Fiber and Scrap Recycling LLC; and Sunrise Recycling Services. The TN Department of Environment & Co­­nservation provides collection and funding.

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