Operational Support

Operational Support is commanded by Captain Mike Holt.

Domestic Violence Unit

Domestic Violence Unit is commanded by Sgt Chad French.

Our Domestic Violence Unit is funded by the STOP Violence Against Women grant through the Tennessee Office of Criminal Justice Programs. The Unit consists of a full-time Investigator and several contract case managers who work with prosecutors, courts and advocacy and provide investigative services, case management, and support to the victims of domestic crimes.

The Domestic Violence Unit is located within the Safe Hope Center at 512 Roland Avenue (corner of Lambuth & Roland).

Sex Crimes & Child Abuse

Sex Crimes & Child Abuse is commanded by Sergeant Danielle Jones.

Sex Crimes & Child Abuseis staffed with two Investigators.

Sex Crimes & Child Abuse investigates crimes, including, but not limited to, child abuse/neglect, sexual assault, special circumstance assaults, and internet crimes against children as well as manages sex offenders living in the jurisdiction of Jackson, TN.

Sex Crimes & Child Abuse works closely with Child Protective Services Investigators with the Department of Children's Services and assists them with DCS referrals that require law enforcement investigation.

Sex Crimes & Child Abuse investigates complaints against teachers and principals who are accused of assault against a student stemming from a disciplining incident.

Sex Crimes & Child Abuse investigates reports of assaults involving persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Sex Crimes & Child Abuse investigates reports of elderly abuse/neglect.

Missing Person/Runaway and Non-Intimate Partner Violence

Missing Person/Runaway contact is Sgt Leslee Hallenback.

Manages missing person/runaway investigations and non-intimate partner violence.

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The Site Coordinator is Jennifer McCraw.

The Safe Hope Center, located at 512 Roland Avenue, is a partnership of agencies dedicated to ending family and sexual violence through prevention and response by providing comprehensive, trauma informed client-centered services in a single location.  
While the Safe Hope Center may house many partners, the basic partners include law enforcement, prosecutors, civil legal service providers, and community-based advocates.
The core concept is to provide one place where victims of domestic or sexual violence can go to talk to an advocate, plan for their safety, interview with a law enforcement officer, get legal advice from an attorney, receive information on shelter, spiritual support, get help with transportation, or communicate their desired outcome to a prosecutor.  

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