Art Gallery

It’s in the Details

Charlotte Highers

July 1-August 30, 2016     Main Gallery

Having lived in climates from the Alaskan wilderness to the deserts of New Mexico, I have developed a great love and appreciation for our country in all its diversification.  I hope the paintings of my experiences bring joy to the viewer, the same joy it brought me in creating them.


Funky Faces

Jane Walls

July 1-August 30, 2016    Upstairs Gallery

My paintings and sketches were created out of enjoyment for the task as is my jewelry that will be on display.   All creations are from a wild imagination loving a fun life to the fullest.



Lines and Movements

Andrew Boks

Sept. 1-Oct. 28, 2016  Main Gallery

After decades of studying and producing art, Andrew prefers using mixed media in his work—drawing, painting, collage and photography.  Currently, his emphasis is abstract paintings and line drawings using various types of inks and paints.  He even makes some of his own paint by mixing pigment, plants and essential oils   “My art is an expression of space and movement.” Andrew Boks



Students of Janice Sumler

Sept. 1-Oct. 28, 2016  Upstairs Gallery

Janice Sumler has been teaching art for forty years. Many of her past students now have successful art careers and have had work accepted in national shows. This show is about

DIVERSITY –in style, subject and development of the artists.  There are beginners and advanced students.










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